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26 August, 2012

The Machinefabriek

First series of pictures of The Machinefabriek, a boat factory in Vlissingen where we are performing with How Long Is Now – Conny Janssen Danst

18 August, 2012

My Friend Curci

We had a week of rehearsal in Vlissingen and the light before the runs was just beautiful

13 July, 2012

In the garden @night


4 July, 2012

Working @Hundeland

I’m spending few days in Switzerland working on a video for Hundeland, a dog Hotel.

There are a lot of dogs and i’m enjoying a lot this new experience.

2 July, 2012


2 July, 2012

Watching TV

6 June, 2012

My “reflection” on Gizmodo

my picture has been published on Gizmodo in Shooting chanllenge: Reflection 2

here the link



27 May, 2012

Van TTool – shooting day

Today we shoot a great scene of “Van Tool”, River(the gay bass player) wants to meet Murdok(the detective) to talk about that last night…

the short movie is coming soon, still have to shoot some scenes and work on the editing/sound of some other parts

hopefully we’ll have the premiere this summer, on a roof terrace with a nice beamer :) [francesca you know what i'm talking about]

thanks a lot to Martijn and Stein, great great actors :)

it was really fun guys!

27 May, 2012

mooie ding!

finally the summer is here, at least for few days..

Ingetje the bella got frekles!

20 May, 2012

Sailing in black and white


some B&W pictures of a wonderful weekend on a sailing boat in the nord of the Netherlands colors are coming soon :)


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